• Sound Design Projects

    Check out what we have been up to!

    Jake Owen

    Country and Summer vibes!

    We recently teamed up with Moo Tv and created the audio for a stunning video animation intro that kicks off the  2015 Tour.


    Chase Rice

    Cinematic Sound Design and Programming

    Chase Rice called upon us to create the sounds and song to go along with his kabuki reveal for the 2015 tour. We created a swampy tune that morphs into an edgy and explosive drop!


    Michael Ray

    Sound Design and Programming

    Michael Ray recently asked us to do Sound Design for his new tour and provide an epic and dark intro track to lead into one of his new singles. We chopped up his single and created a monster crescendo with the culmination being him and the full band.


    Old Dominion

    Sound Design and Programming

    We are in the works creating some exciting new audio for the Old Dominion band currently! You will have to wait and see them on tour to get the goods though! Make sure to check them out here.



    Mixing and Mastering

    When one of your favorite Electronic jam bands asks you to mix and master their new album you simply say yes! New songs are being released daily on their website!


    Moo TV

    Commercial Scoring

    Moo TV had us whip up some tasty treats for some commercials this month! We can't share any other info. Top Secret stuff. Sorry. You know how it goes. Check them out here!


    Cole Taylor

    Sound Design and Midi Programming

    We were extremely happy to get to work with such a genuine and amazing artist! We created a monstrous fasted paced, endorphine releasing show intro for his new tour! Somehting that tells the crowd "Get ready! We're here to kick some @ss."


  • take control of your music!

    Clarity Through Better Design

    Ableton Live

    Save time! Stay Creative! We create playback templates for touring bands. DJ Templates for live use, Custom Midi Mappings and anything else you can dream up that involves Ableton Live. Get in touch and let us work that Midi Magic on those sessions for you!

    Music for Film and Video

    Let us take control! We know that finding the right piece of music to appeal to your audience isn't easy. Let us compose a one of a kind audible journey that truly speaks to your clients.

    Music Videos

    Need a music video but don't know where to start? We do. Let our team of Directors and Producers handle it. Whether it is drone footage or just cultivating your You Tube channel. We have got you covered!

    Zoogma "Molasses" Video Premiere!

    It was such a treat to get to work on the new Zoogma EP. Check out the music video for the first song they have released from the new EP.


  • Video and Sound Design Demos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Chase Rice Tour

    Countdown to Kenny Part 1

    A detailed account into the months prior to Chase and his band going on tour as the opening act for Kenny Chesney.


    Video Created by Cody Cannon

    Chase Rice Tour

    Countdown to Kenny Part 2

    The 2nd installment of the Countdown until Chase is on tour with Kenny Chesney.


    Video Created by Cody Cannon

    Sound Design Reel

    Mixing, Editing, Foley and Composition


    Check out our demo reel. All music and sounds crafted by our very own Steven Primo.

  • Services

    Get in touch and let us help you turn your ideas into reality.

    Mixing and Mastering

    We offer analog and digital mixing and mastering options to fit any budget. Choose from several options designed specifically for your project.


    We offer Sound Design for Video, Video Editing, Ableton Live Video edit sessions, Music Videos, You Tube Channel elements, Tutorials, Drone footage and Video Sync Solutions for live shows.

    Ableton Live Production

    Ableton playback systems and custom midi trigger setups and playback solutions for live bands, DJ's ,Theatre and Drummers.

    Music Synthesis

    Send us your song and midi files and we can fully synthesis your entire session. We work in Ableton Live and will return the session with all your new custom instrument racks and fresh new sounds.


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